It is the policy of H&B Contracts Ltd to operate our business activities in a manner that takes account of all foreseeable risks and hazards to the environment and the persons who may be affected by that environment.

Due to the scope of our works environmental issues are minimised. Our activities do not result in the creation of waste products that could lead to the pollution of the air or surrounding areas.

However, we do acknowledge that by carrying out any activity in or adjacent to areas occupied by people, whether working directly in those areas or passing by, we may cause temporary inconvenience and disruption to their lives, and in this way have an effect on the surrounding environment. We would also acknowledge the effect our activities may have on our employees, who will be affected by the environment, we provide for them to work in or they are asked to work in.

We are committed to ensuring that our activities are carried out taking the above into consideration and planning ways in which we can manage these elements with the aim to eliminate, reduce or control them.

In order to comply with this policy we aim to meet the following objectives; 

  • To ensure this policy remains consistent with our Health and Safety and Quality Policy
  • To make a realistic commitment to enhance the working environment for our employees, clients and the general public
  • To identify, control and efficiently use sources of energy, materials, and scarce resources, such as water and paper
  • To implement, where possible, systems for re-cycling all materials, packaging, and disposal of paper

We are committed to seeing this policy work effectively with the intention of improving our environmental performance. 

Policy Arrangements:

The Company recognises its responsibility on site or at its place of work, for the implementation of this Environmental Policy, and will ensure that;

  • Work is carried out in accordance with all applicable Acts of Parliament, Regulations, and Company Environmental Policy
  • A good neighbour policy is implemented
  • Measures are taken to control and minimise noise pollution on site from our activities
  • Waste is removed in accordance with the current legislation by registered carriers to licened tipping facilities, and all relevant documentation to verify waste disposal is maintaned
  • Ozone deleting gases such as CFC's and halons are not discharged into the atmosphere
  • Wildlife habitats, flora and fauna, tree, archaeological and heritage remains are protected as appropriate.



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